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Vitaly Solomin

May, 27 - Day of Memory
Russian actor Vitaly Solomin, who played doctor Watson, died in 27th of May 2002.

"...Made up and dressed in Watson's tweed jacket, Solomin resembles not merely one's own character, but his creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle".
V. Kuznezstova, film critic

In memory of Vitaly Solomin I have translated two texts into English:
1. Film critic Lubov Arkus about Solomin / Watson (from the book: Л.Аркус. Работа на каждый день / The Work in Every Day)
2. Vasily Livanov (Russian Sherlock Holmes) about his friend Vitaly

Arkus wrote:

"Watson / Solomin is red-moustached, blue-eyed gentleman, dressed in overcoat, who have good manners, useful habits and reasonable-strict regulations; he hard-working helper and devoted friend of Holmes, but he isn't inferior in charm and importance to his friend, and he is head character of the movie like Holmes.

There is some unrestrained-comical and touching in his situation. Unlike Holmes, who completely correspond to one's own mad way of life, Watson is a prudent resident of "old good England" and he is amazingly inappropriate for mysterious, crazy life, which have fill with all possible pursuits and hide-and-seeks under somebody else's beds. Every adventure is exploit for his and this exploit is more significant than for Holmes".


"I had got acquainted to Solomin during the first rehearsal. Before I never did see his on theatre stage with the exception of the TV-version play by Ostrovsky. I was astonished by particularly fantastic eurhythmies. It was divinely. It's a special gift. Probably, he could be a splendid ballet dancer. He had a very generous gift for his profession... And he didn't exploit this gift, but he improved it.

We unexpectedly found that our ideas on art, passions, liking, antipathies are completely meeting. It was wonderful! It was a "common ground" -- particularly for Vitaly, he was very captious, selective...

Then our relations transformed into the really friendship. We had understood one another. Our families - spouses and children - became friends, they was draw into friendly atmosphere.

We created Holmes TV-series during seven years and we had traveling from Moscow to Petersburg (to the studio) and back. And I paid attention to how we wonderfully are silencing together. We weren't indeed of a waffle. This silence protected our friendly unity and support. It was brought peace of mind.

It was mutual creative work. Director Maslennikov even made up wonderfully phrase-formula: "You had guess the secret idea by director".

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