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Alexander Sedov
Monument to Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson unveiled in Moscow! / Памятник Холмсу и Ватсону! Уже! 
29th-Apr-2007 05:46 pm
Алек Morse

Here two articles - by RIA Novosti and newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda"

/this text from http://en.rian.ru/russia/20070427/64562736.html

MOSCOW, April 27 (RIA Novosti) - A monument to Arthur Conan Doyle's world-famous fictional sleuth Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick Dr. Watson has been unveiled near the British Embassy in Moscow, a RIA Novosti correspondent reported Friday.

British Ambassador in Russia Anthony Brenton and Russian artist Vasily Livanov, who played Holmes in a Russian television series based on the adventures of the famous detective, attended the unveiling ceremony.

The ambassador said he had read The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes at school and liked the book, but never thought he would participate in the opening of such a monument, which was created by sculptor Andrei Orlov.

The two-figure statue shows a pensive Holmes standing, pipe in hand, with his irreplaceable companion, Dr. Watson, looking up at him from a bench. It could bring a welcome change to Moscow's sculptural landscape, which is dominated by formal monuments to statesmen, often with a controversial legacy.

The non-profit foundation Cultural Dialogue/One World, the project's organizer, is also planning to erect monuments to the Little Prince and Don Quixote in Moscow, and to the Three Musketeers in St. Petersburg.

Six screen versions of Conan Doyle's novels have been made in Russia since 1979. The actor who appears in the title role, Livanov, last year received the Order of the British Empire for his portrayal of Britain's most famous literary detective

another photos by blogger "Our Sherlock" here: http://www.liveinternet.ru/photoalbumshow.php?albumid=392110&seriesid=323897


/ newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda"
/author: Alexander Boyko
Russian text here: http://kp.ru/daily/23895/66683/
//translated by me (sorry for errors)

The monument to Holmes and Watson has installed in Moscow. If you will touch Watson’s writing-pad, you’ll have found puzzles are opened. If you will touch Great Detective’s pipe, perhaps, you’ll have found yourself is in criminal chronicle.

Yesterday, the monument to A Soldier-Liberator was destroyed in Estonia. In the same time, in Russia’s capital, the unveiling ceremony of the sculpture “Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson” has been. British ambassador Anthony Brenton and the section of English drummers, dressed in national uniform, took part in the ceremony.


You may easily recognize actors Livanov and Solomin immortalized in this 800 kg of a bronze. Vasily Livanov regretted that late Vitaly Solomin can’t share a joy to see this monument to them.


“Anyone could destroy monuments, - noticed great actor, smoking cigarette. – But not anyone could unite two cultures, two nations”.


By the way, Queen Elisabeth II recognized the actor as the best cinema embodiment of literary Holmes ever. She presented him with the Order of the British Empire.


Vasily Livanov sat down on the bench between bronze “himself” and Doctor Watson.


“I warn you, - said actor, - if you’ll touch Watson’s writing-pad, you have found that any problems and puzzles are opened. But if you will touch my pipe, you will land in criminal chronicle.




Vasily Livanov became a member of the project “Favorite Heroes in Sculpture Forms”. Thank to him, yet several sculptures were installed in Russia’s capital: the monument to Baron Munchausen is near the embassy of Germany and monument to wit Khodzsha Nassreddin is near the metro station Molodyozshnaya.


“Also we plan to install the sculpture of little Prince near the embassy of France, - told sculptor Andrey Orlov, – and the sculpture of Don Quixote near the embassy of Spain”.





 //photos from "Komsomolskaya Pravda" & the site Radio Mayak

P.S. As for a problem of Tallinn’s monument to a Soldier-Liberator…

 I have found a witty solution in the post by one Russian blogger:


If the sculpture to Holmes and Watson has installed near the embassy of Great Britain,

If the sculpture to little Prince will be installed near the embassy of France,

If the sculpture to Don Quixote will be installed near the embassy of Spain,

If the sculpture to Munchausen is near the embassy of Germany,


the copy of monument to a Soldier-Liberator must to be installed near embassy of Estonia. J

В Москве открыли памятник Холмсу и Ватсону. Если потрогать блокнот доктора - раскроются загадки, если прикоснуться к трубке сыщика - возможны криминальные заварушки

Вчера, в то же время, когда в Эстонии разрушали памятник солдату-освободителю, на Смоленской набережной в столице открыли скульптурную композицию «Шерлок Хомс и доктор Ватсон». В церемонии открытия принимали участие посол Великобритании Энтони Брентон и взвод английских барабанщиков в национальных мундирах.

В 800 килограммах бронзы у стен английского посольства легко узнаются великие актеры. Василий Ливанов посетовал, что покойный Виталий Соломин не может разделить с ним счастье увидеть себе памятник при жизни.

- Разрушать памятники может любой, - заметил великий актер, попыхивая сигареткой. - А вот объединить две культуры, две нации в одной идее дано не каждому.


- Предупреждаю, - заявил актер, - если потрогать блокнот Ватсона -все проблемы и загадки раскроются, а вот кто притронется к моей трубке - того ждет криминальная заварушка.

//Неплохо написано! Бойко пишет Александр Бойко
30th-Apr-2007 03:10 pm (UTC) - Thanksssss!!!
Oh, friend Alek, i am so happy with this new... and you the Russian are too very lucky, with this gift so near. Mr. Livanov seem a "national glory" indeed, and very deserved i guess.
Well, i believe yet is time i can send fulfill my promise: Here is the Borges's poetry. Soon i hope would send you the "aproximated" traduction.
Happy greetings, Susana.

J. L. BORGES (Sherlock Holmes)

No salió de una madre ni supo de mayores.
Idéntico es el caso de Adán y de Quijano.
Está hecho de azar. Inmediato o cercano
lo rigen los vaivenes de variables lectores.

No es un error pensar que nace en el momento
en que lo ve aquel otro que narrará su historia
y que muere en cada eclipse de la memoria
de quienes lo soñamos. Es más hueco que el viento.

Es casto. Nada sabe del amor. No ha querido.
Ese hombre tan viril ha renunciado al arte
de amar. En Baker Street vive solo y aparte.
Le es ajeno también otro arte, el olvido.

Lo soñó un irlandés, que no lo quiso nunca
y que trató, nos dicen, de matarlo. Fue en vano.
El hombre solitario prosigue, lupa en mano,
su rara suerte discontinua de cosa trunca.

No tiene relaciones, pero no lo abandona
la devoción del otro, que fue su evangelista
y que de sus milagros ha dejado la lista.
Vive de un modo cómodo: en tercera persona.

Atiza en el hogar las encendidas ramas
o da muerte en los páramos a un perro del infierno.
Ese alto caballero no sabe que es eterno.
Resuelve naderías y repite epigramas.

Nos llega de un Londres de gas y de neblina.
Un Londres que se sabe capital de un imperio
que le interesa poco, de un Londres de misterio
tranquilo, que no quiere sentir que ya declina.

No nos maravillemos. Después de la agonía,
el hado o el azar (que son la misma cosa)
depara a cada cual esa suerte curiosa
de ser ecos o formas que mueren cada día.

Que mueren hasta un día final en que el olvido,
que es la meta común, nos olvide del todo.
Antes que nos alcance, juguemos con el lodo
de ser durante un tiempo, de ser y de haber sido.

Pensar de tarde en tarde en Sherlock Holmes es una
de las buenas costumbres que nos quedan. La muerte
y la siesta son otras. También es nuestra suerte
convalecer en un jardín o mirar la Luna.
13th-May-2007 05:23 pm (UTC) - Re: Thanksssss!!!
Thank you very much, Susanna!

I'll find a translator...
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