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A short film about the Livanov series by Russian NTV channel / April, 15 2007

Good neews, ladies and gentlmen! 

At long last! In weekend, the Russian NTV channel have showed a short film about the Livanov series. There were Livanov's visit in London, a short chat with Igor Maslennikov, film director, etc.  Unfortunately, the duration of this film was only 10-11 minutes, though I expected more detailed and more prolonged film. And now I'm not sure that such more detailed film will be screened...

So, I offer you to see this here:

NB: 60 Мb  !!!

another link:

NB: 51 Mb, sound mono

Sorry, this video is in Russian language. 
But you'll see alive Vasily Livanov in the Sherlock Holmes's Pub, something from the film sets, for instance, taken apart Mrs. Hudson's & Sir Henry's bed (!) in the studio store, some Petersburg places where the Livanov series was screened... and real alive Professor Moriarty in Samara forest. Besides, you'll see author of the Russian Sherlockian site!


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