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Sherlock Holmes and I / cartoon by Souzmultfilm, 1985

I found the link on cartoon "Sherlock Holmes and I" which was done by Souzmultfilm studio in 1985 (USSR, Russia). Interesting is that Sherlock Holmes was voiced by Vasily Livanov. The duration of cartoon is 9 min, but it is very nice. You will see pursuit in Victorian London and flying Holmes ;) etc... 
The cartoon was done after the primiere of Sherlock Holmes's episode "The Treasures of Agra" and before episode "The XX century begins" ("Sherlock Holmes in XX century") in this way you may imagine viewers's commotion and joy.

See "Sherlock Holmes and I" here:

The cartoon is Russian-language, of course. But you will understand everything, I sure. However I have translated main lines of characters. They are quite witty.

(Sorry for quality of caps, they took from TV record).

NB: But I first I recomend to watch the cartoon... After this, may read the text:


Pups: Tom, tell us some-thing, please…


Dog Tom: O.K.! But you have to know that for this time it wills not a fairy-tale, but truthful and very awful story. England was shaken with awful robberies. The Scotland Yard applied all forces, but criminals were elusive. And therefore we have interfered in… I and my best old friend Sherlock Holmes were.



Holmes: Don’t worry, Tom. We have known some-thing, however. One of criminals is green.


Tom (to pups): Yes, in that time criminals managed to take cover, but I and Sherlock Holmes both didn’t lose hope to find their. At once…


Holmes: So, this boot belongs to Englishman of tall height, who carries top-hat, plays violin…

Tom: Yet this Englishman smokes pipe.



Tom (wipes tears): I swear, Mr. Holmes, they will pay dearly for your life!



Tom: Hello, boy! With whom do you live?

Pup: With Uncle Francis, sir.

Tom: What do the color of his tail?

Pup: Oh, sir! It’s my weak spot. He hasn’t a tail.

Tom: But I saw clearly how the green tail was coming in this door.

Pup: The green tail lives in neighbouring house, sir.



Tom: I ask you, mafioso, where is the safe? Where did took cover your crony Big?

Crocodile pulls faces and shows tongue.

Tom: You, celery!.. This banana peel was found by me in the scene of crime. Here finger-prints of your teeth are.

Crocodile: I’m not guilty! Big threatened me.

Tom: Where he is?

Crocodile: He is in the carriage work-shop. What will the punishment for me?

Tom: If you promise to change…

Crocodile: I swear. Believe me, please.

Tom: Well. I shall take you for work as a servant.

Crocodile: How often does grub in your home?

Tom: A breakfast.

Crocodile: One.

Tom: A lunch.

Crocodile: Two.

Tom: A dinner.

Crocodile: Three.

Tom: Five-o-clock.

Crocodile: Four.

Tom: A supper.

Crocodile: Five!!!



Tom: You are arrest!

Big: So, the end came to tiresome dog.

Holmes: You have miscounted, Mr. Bandit.

Big: Go away home, Mr. Detective.

Holmes: It’s crudely, my friend, very crudely… By the way, I’m boxing quite well.

Big: But I have black belt of karate, Mr. Detective.



Tom: Well, it’s all story.

Pups: It’s great! We enjoyed! How beautiful you made up it, sir!

Crocodile: Mr. Dog, the telephone!

Tom: Who asks me?

Crocodile: Mr., Sherlock Holmes, sir!

screenplay  -  V. Zolotnikov
film director  -  V. Popov
art directors  -  A. Sher and I. Oleynikov
film camera  -  A. Rasulov
composer  -  E. Krylatov

Sherlock Holmes  -  Vasily Livanov
Dog Tom  -  Andrey Mironov
Bandit Big  -  Lev Durov

/c/ Souzmultfilm studio, USSR, 1985

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