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The Guest (Visitor) From the Future- Russian teenager sci-fi, English subs/ Гостья с субтитрами

Наконец-то "Гостью из будущего" можно посмотреть с английскими субтитрами на Ю Тубе!

Finally, you have an opportunity to see Russian sci-fi teenager series 'The Guest (Visitor) From the Future' with English subtitles! Episode 1... All five episodes
my essay about the film here
серию моих эссе о "Гостье из будущего" можно прочесть здесь

“If you have found the Time Machine in the cellar of an old house – please, never switch on it without the permission of adults”.

A warning at the beginning of Episode 2

 ..."In TV mini ‘The Guest from the Future’, with the Time Machine a 6-grader Kolya Gerasimov has accidentally found himself in 2084, where he is forced to justify himself that, as he says, “you see, I just went for a kefir in the store, but suddenly…” In his defence, he shows the string bag with the empty bottles that he intended to hand in the store..."

Below the links on video


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Episode 1


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1 / 2

1 / 3

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1 / 5

1 / 6







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