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The monument of Sherlock Holmes in Moscow

The monument of Sherlock Holmes can be erected in Moscow. Vasily Livanov have visited in the sculptor studio and favorably appreciated the author idea.

Andrey Orlov, sculptor, have created the composition of Great Detective and his friend. As I know it is first holmesian monument, in which a good half appertains to Doctor Watson.

Russian Sherlockians seconded of the idea of the monument. “Why in Moscow? – ask many. – The famous Livanov series were shooting in the studio in Petersburg. There many Petersburg exteriors created the illusion of London”. Ekaterina Vladimirova (one of initiators) has no objection to holmesian monument in Petersburg. But as Moscow, she patriot actively lobbies the installation of stone Holmes and Watson in Russian capital. In present time, the project is doing through a stage of official concordances.

Russian Sherlock Holmes secondes the idea of monument. Vasily Livanov have visited in the sculptor studio and favorably appreciated the author idea. In photos done during that visit, there is obvious similarity between the sculptural and living Sherlock.

Still may say, the sculptural Watson resembles Vitaly Solomin.
Well, you might to come to a conclusion toward the sense of Holmes’s and Watson’s replies without a prompt.

As for me, I vote YES. However, if I shall be a sculptor then I propose different composition: Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson are sitting near a fireplace. What do you think about it?

NB: photos done by initiators of the project
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