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Yeralash: cross-References to Celentano's comedies in Soviet cinema /"Итальянский" Ералаш

После перевода и публикаций рецензий о "Гамлете" захотелось чего-нибудь пожизнерадостнее. Так как совсем недавно начался новый учебный год, всем неравнодушным предлагаю вспомнить школьное детство - а именно один из самых любимых выпусков "Ералаша". Тем самым, к тому же, я немного исправлю перекос в своём Живом Журнале: в советском кино блестяще играли не только англичан Шерлока Холмса и Гамлета, но и обычных итальянских учителей ;)

To My Italian LJ-friends... and not only them :)

After my translating and posting two reviews about "Hamlet", I have to offer a cheerful something. Because new academic year begins, (if you are not indifferent to own school years) let's remember the superb episod of The Yeralash series (very popular children film short comedies in USSR and Russia). So a way, I can correct some disbalance in my Live Journal: in Soviet cinema not only English characters Sherlock Holmes and Hamlet were portrayed brillianty, but also the ordinary Italian school teachers were ;) I'm sure, you will recognize many cross-references to Celentano's comedies :) !!!


Because the video that I posted have no English subtitles, I have translated the lines into English:

Yeralash (Russian children comedy TV show)

Movie about Italian life. Based on Giovanni Mosca’s story 40 imps and one green fly

Screenplay and directed by G. Vasiliev

Cast: Yevgeny Morgunov and Gennady Khazanov

Episode produced in 1984


First scene:


“Signorina! Signorina!”

“If you are crazy, the clinic is nearby”.

“Signorina, I’m not crazy. I’m new teacher in this school”.


In Director’s office:


Director of School: “Damn! They have assigned the youth again! When I need for a tamer… Okay! You will go in the third grade at the grammar lesson. But I will hold the lesson of geography in the tenth one.”


Before the door:


New teacher: “I think, they are building the barricades.”

Director: “Take heart. Eventually, we are mortal.” 


In the classroom:


Teacher: “Hello, children! I’m new teacher for you. Guareschi! Can you hit in this rogue?

Guareschi: It’s a doddle!”

Teacher: “Guareschi, give me the catapult. I take the catapult to myself, Guareschi. And, please, I ask everybody to lay down your arms. Guareschi! Conjugate a verb “to shoot”.




“Hell! I go away here! Be damned this school! (the director listens to the door) Is he alive yet? Oops…”




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