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Professor Moriarty (Victor Evgrafov) in Russian series

Victor Evgrafov (in Livanov series) is fantastic Moriarty -- a sinister, a convincing and equal enemy to Sherlock Holmes. In the film he takes part in third sequences only, but that sequences are very powerful!

"Moriarty makes an appearance from ledge of cliff in exactly moment when strain have reach to apogee -- his appearance (the splendid work by artist of costume and stage make-up) don't lower the strain, but become is culmination. Seems, it's not merely the meeting of two mans, but the meeting of Absolute Good and Absolute Evil. The flight of black hat, elegantly throwing by Moriarty over shoulder in the fall, don't allow to doubt that outcome will fatal for someone of two".
Lubov Arkus, film critic

In the Fight sequence Moriarty makes an appearance dressed in black. Dressed in long cloak Moriarty resembles an enormous bird of prey with wings siting down on cliff. When the battle is starting, professor becomes similar a reptile. He has the astonishing eurhythmics: the slow turning of his head, graceful-convulsive motions of hand... His bending fingers (dressed in black gloves) grab Holmes at the throat...

Victor is professional stuntman and therefore he taught Livanov the Baritsu strife. :)

>>>screen caps from The Mortal Fight (The Final Problem), it's one of episodes of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson (directed by Igor Maslennikov, Lenfilm studio, 1979-1986)
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