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The Anecdotes of Sherlock Holmes

In Russia the Sherlock Holmes TV-series (in which Livanov portrayal Holmes) are popular so much that it gave rise original Holmes's mythology. The Anecdotes is part of the Holmes's mythology.

Holmes and Watson had spent the night in the middle of Devonshire moors. Woken up at midnight, Watson looks at the starry sky and asks to Holmes:
“Holmes! About what do you think, when you look those stars?”
“Elementary, Watson! I think that our tent has been stolen!”

Surprised Mrs. Hudson lay the table and asks to Watson:
“Doctor, did you really not drown self in the toilet bowl tonight?”
“What ever gave you that idea?!”
“Mr. Holmes was look strange tonight, he bent above the toilet bowl and cried out: “Wa-a-a-atson! Wa-a-a-atson!”

Mrs. Hudson was taken ill. Doctor Watson asks her to show to him the tongue.
"You see the medicine has taken a big step forward!"
"What do you mean?"
"During your youth, Mrs. Hudson, Doctors asked you to get undressed. At present, you only have to show your tongue".

Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson have filled hound of Baskrvilles with petrol. Hound covers some distance and crashed down.
"What is happened, Holmes?"
"Elementary, Watson! Petrol ran out".

Watson walks on the footpath in the middle of the moors. Suddenly he sees that hound of Baskervilles run to meet him.
"Bravo, Holmes!" Watson joyfully exclaims. "I always was amazed at your talents to be transformed and disguised.

Doctor Watson ran into debt for his room to Mrs. Hudson, borrowed much money from Holmes and disappeared suddenly. Lonely and melancholy Sherlock Holmes has lunch and complains to Mrs. Hudson, who has take away the plate:
"At last time, I don't like him..."
"If you don't like him... Don't eat!"
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